What is this place?

It’s a website. You are on it.

What is this comic about?

Story summary page coming soon. Probably.

Who are the nerds responsible for this mess? What do they have to say for themselves?

Well, since you asked. EJ Abano can draw! Allan Duquette makes things pretty with color. And, Alexandra Orlando ensures Mac Reyes isn’t making a script out of pure gibberish. Together, these creators from all over Canada (and one weirdo from New York) are Queue Hall, makers of this very webcomic.

Where can I find more from these degenerates?

EJ Abano (Team Art): Twitter / Tumblr

Allan Duqette (Team Art): Twitter /Tumblr

Alexandra Orlando (Team Words): Twitter / Website

Macario Reyes (Team Does Stuff, I Guess): Twitter